What’s wrong in Indian Test Cricket team Selection ?

There has been lot of talk about selection, The Indian team had 6 batsman 4 bowler but didn’t have Hardik Pandya but he had a great test match previously but he is affecting the balance.

1st Kl Rahul he was coming into the side beautifully got 100 overseas 7, 50s in a row, then Shikhar Dhawan came into play and KL Rahul had to get out. Then here is a quality player like KL Rahul but he’s lost his place in one day side is insecure now

Loosing Confidence

But overseas Shikhar Dhawan has always started towards and dropped midway through so this was a great opportunity to tell KL Rahul you are in, he didn’t play the first test was picked for the second, now Shikhar Dhawan is insecure and thinking, what if I don’t score run here, I have been out from the one day side as well, low in confidence, he’s failed in cape town, what are you going to do in Johannesburg.

Then there is Ajinkya Rahane quality player, absolutely wonderful player he is one new test batsman, overseas with his batting which is what you cannot say about alot of players, really struggle at home, but overseas he take the bowlers on his own.

But he didn’t got picked. It was very concerning that Virat Kohli said no one think that Ajinkya Rahane should be in side this time.

Then Bhuvneshwar Kumar got dropped out in middle when he was performing exceptionally well, Bhuvneshwar Kumar started as medium pace in swinger bowler than he learnt the out swinger, the seam and practiced on his speed and now he delivers 135 km/ph. to 140 km/ph.

India were in with a great chance in Cape Town when Bhuvneshwar Kumar gave the start, now all of a sudden getting dropped from the team make him think like is there something lacking in me and this make a good cricketer under confidence.

So, all in one we can say that coaches and the Captain should experiment but not on the cost of confidence of a good cricketer. Constantly changing the side will not help but will create mess under confidence cricketers and a lot of questions.


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