Kohli or Smith, Who is better batsman

There’s been a lot of talk on social media, who is the better batsman.
If you put voting on internet then Kohli will get 90% of votes as all of us Indians will vote for him.
But who is better Virat or Smith, lets settle this with facts.
Virat Kohli in tests:


Inns: 106, Runs: 5268, AVG: 53.75, SR: 58.16, 100s/50s: 20/15, INNs/100:5.30, HS:243
Virat Kohli played 63 Test matches, he’s got five thousand two hundred and sizty eight runs at fifty three point seven five, very good indeed twenty centuries and he’s scoring every five point three innings. This puts him among the best in contemporary cricket, maybe even beyound his generation, but is he the best?

Steve Smith in tests:


Inns: 108, Runs: 5796, AVG: 62.32, SR: 56.42, 100s/50s: 22/21, INNs/100: 4.91, HS:239
Steve Smith played 59 test matches in which he made five thousand seven hundred ninety six runs with average of sixty two point three two, he’s got 22 hundreds and he’s scoring hundreds every 4.9 innings.

Kohli vs Smith (Away Record)


        At this stage Virat: 0 and Smith: 1

Let’s move on to limited over:
The numbers generated by both are exceptional, first we will start with
Virat Kohli:


Matches: 202, Runs: 9030, AVG: 55.74, SR: 91.73, 100s/50s: 32/45, HS: 183

Steve Smith:


Matches: 103, Runs: 3329, AVG: 43.23, SR: 87.03, 100s/50s:08/19, HS: 164

In run chase:
Virat:            Smith:
65.29            46.32
19                04

We all know Virat loves to chase and the stats shows the same, while Steve Smith lacks in limited over format.

               So, we are now Virat: 1 and Smith:1

Now, what about T-20, will the game change here?
Let’s find out
Kohli in T20:


Inns: 213, Runs: 7068, AVG: 40.85, SR: 133.28, 100s/50s: 4/52

Smith in T20:


Inns: 136, Runs: 3124, AVG: 30.03, SR: 125.36, 100s/50s: 1/11

Smith have played fewer game than Kohli but the average tells the story, 40.85 verses 30.03 and a strike rate of 133 vs 125, also you look at Steve Smith walking in towards t20 give and you say, oh my god is the game over, look at where as when kohli walks in you say the gave has started.

               So what’s the final points
             Virat: 2 Smith:1

So by looking facts we can settle as Virat Kohli is better batsman than Steve Smith right now.


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